List of services

Matching Community Service

Looking to place yourself in a community. Shane will seek out available shares, land or houses within Multiple Occupancies, Communities and alternative living arrangements

Community Mentoring

You or a group looking at starting a community. Shane will mentor your group from creating an entity, buying land, community agreements and all that involved in creating your community

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Town Planning

Shane is a qualified and experienced Town Planner with over 13 years government experience in Planning Policy and Assessment in QLD, NSW and VIC. Shane can help from the smallest DA’s and planning permits to large planning proposals and amendments as part of your project.

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Project Management

Shane has been part of many projects including Conscious Ground, Bruns Ecovillage and COREM and other projects which he helped manage.

Facilitation, Community Development

Shane has had mediation experience and facilitated community processes and conflicts. Shane also uses a platform of ecovillage learning to develop and work through issues in community.

Ecovillage Design

Shane has designed large ecovillages such as Bruns Ecovillage, Bunjil Ecovillage, Tyagrah Village and is currently designing two others. Unfortunately some of these projects never progressed due to other circumstances.


Fees are on a sliding scale depending on service, client and project. Fees can be negotiated for larger projects.

Initial Consultation $100 for hour

Non For Profit Community Group $55p/hr

Normal Fee for services for individuals $65p/hr

Professional Fee (Companies and Corporations) $80p/hr