Shane Sylvansping

Shane currently lives in his community Balaya Buyul near Mullumbimby NSW with his wife and two daughters. Shane has experience in the following areas: 

Ecovillage Design Education

Shane has completed the EDE and Training element of the EDE at Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland as well as Training of Trainers with GEN Education. Has successfully run over a half a dozen inspired courses from the EDE and multiple workshops at festivals and events on Ecovillage Design.

Shane is an Ambassador of the Global Ecovillage Network and a consultant with GEN Australia. Shane has facilitated Ecovillage Design processes in Malaysia and Fiji with GEN.

Town Plannning

13 years in 7 different councils (QLD, VIC and NSW) both strategic and statutory planning.

Processed many Development Applications and Planning Permits for clients as well as developing Balaya Buyuls successful Development Application for a landsharing community.

Shane has assessed large developments and rezoning’s within government.

Community Development

Involved in founding and creating: Bunjil Ecovillage,

Sanctuary, Bruns Ecovillage, Balaya Buyul Community, New Earth Sanctuary and


Ecovillage Design and Project Management

Designed and project managed Balaya Buyul community as well as developing concept plans for Tyagrah Village, Brun Ecovillage, and

Bunjil Ecovillage. Shane completed a Centre of Sustainble Leadership certificate in the Northern Rivers.


Mediated over one week disputes in Homeland Community (NSW), within his own communities and facilitated in many community groups

meetings and developments. Shane has had training in Compassionate Communication, Conflict Resolution and Zegg Forum processes

Ecological Design

Shane has held a permaculture certificate for over 20 years as well as some experience in earth building construction, revegetation and ecological restoration. Shane also was a founder of the Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby (COREM).